Every electronic device is a part of a larger assembly. Whether it’s just a box to house a PCB, or a complex assembly with moving parts and sensors, 3D printing is the modern way to produce high quality, functional prototypes.

CEL’s printer is an SLA machine, which uses ultraviolet light to expose a UV sensitive resin one layer at a time in order to build up a complete 3D object.

The UV light is shone upwards into a tank of resin through its transparent base, using an LCD shutter to ensure only those areas which should become solid are illuminated. After each layer has been exposed and solidified, the model is raised up slightly and the process repeats until the entire object has been drawn up out of the tank.

Each layer can be as thin as 25 microns, which means the level of detail and quality of surface finish are excellent. Models are strong, dimensionally accurate, and have few limitations in terms of the shapes and geometries that can be produced. Resins come in a range of colours including transparent, as seen here.

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