Specialist Areas

CEL offers the benefit of experience in a wide range of industries and product types, but is particularly keen to hear from customers looking for the following:

Harsh Environment Applications

Does your product need to survive extreme temperatures, shock, vibration or other abuse? Our designs are found in inhospitable places including:

  • Inside the fuel tank of a racing car
  • Under the floorpan of a taxicab
  • Strapped to the handlebars of a motorcycle
  • Bolted into a 19″ rack inside a military communications truck

FPGA Designs

If your project requires the use of an FPGA, we can offer design, simulation and testing in VHDL. Many designs can benefit from these versatile components, but their use requires specialist design skills which relatively few engineers possess. We prefer Altera (Intel) or Lattice parts depending on the cost and complexity requirements of the project.

Embedded Processing

Most projects incorporate an embedded processor of some kind, whether it’s a high speed 32-bit device with a huge set of peripherals, or a tiny part that’s simply the modern way to replace some discrete logic. We most often use STM32 or PIC, and program them in C.

Automotive Products

From OEM components to mass-market consumer accessories to one-off custom parts for your bespoke vehicle, CEL has probably done it before. Our automotive designs are used in applications from bike lights right up to performance-critical components of the world’s fastest, most prestigious racing cars.

Above all, we specialise in designing products that need to “just work” day after day. Whether it’s a machine your business will depend on, or a high volume consumer product, we understand that your reputation depends on reliability and so does ours.