Not everything which CEL designs is made for mass production. We also make one-offs, demonstrators, in-house test equipment and other projects which are only ever intended to be made in small numbers.

The device on the left was produced by CEL as a demonstration of how an auxiliary display and accessory controller for a motorcycle might look and operate. It’s wired into the bike’s existing wiring harness and displays various useful pieces of information such as which gear the bike is in, average speed, air temperature and estimated fuel range remaining.

Its internal processor derives this information by timing and counting pulses which indicate road speed and engine rpm. A learning feature allows it to adapt automatically to the signals produced by numerous different makes and models of bike, meaning it would be suitable to build and sell as an aftermarket accessory without the need to stock multiple different variants.

Particular emphasis was placed on ease of set-up by the end user, the process requiring nothing more technical than riding the bike in each gear for a few seconds, so the device can analyse the signals from the bike and learn its gear ratios.

Several units were hand assembled into 3D printed enclosures, and even though it was never intended to be made in quantity in that form, features from it were incorporated into other products which you can buy from a high street automotive parts store today.

On the right is a true one-off – a battery powered motorcycle simulator, which provides power and produces signals (eg. for road speed and engine rpm) equivalent to those available on a real bike. It has controls to replicate ignition, clutch and gears, allowing all the features of its companion device to be demonstrated in a way which is portable and convenient.